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"To be, …OR NAH?"

William Shakespeare (via britzofficial)


Cophine AU

Delphine was one of the most popular girls in High School, she was part of the elite group of bitches that practically ran the place.  Young Cosima Niehaus was roped into doing all their science assignments, she was one of the nerds that the girls used in order to graduate.

After standing up to the head bitch, Cosima was publicly humiliated in the worst way possible - she was outed.  One of her best friends let it out to the bitches that she had a crush on the french cheerleader, Delphine. Cosima couldn’t take the laughter so she found herself a guy to beard with.  It worked, she was left alone.  

Delphine and her never spoke again, that is until Cosima bumps into her on her first day at the new university she is attending.  It turns out, both girls have completely grown up, they’re utterly different from their high school days so does this mean the game’s changed?

25th Jul

25th Jul


when ur boob starts itching in public


25th Jul